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There has always been a demand for subleasing, as this housing option allows people to travel while owning a lease or simply stay at an already furnished home for a smaller amount of time. While subletting may be a very common ordeal, there are still some people who end up wishing they had asked more questions before signing a sublease, as they have suddenly found themselves in an unexpected scenario. The following are the top 5 questions to ask before subletting an apartment.

Why Are the Current Tenants Subleasing?

One of the most important questions to ask a current tenant is why they are choosing to sublet their apartment. More often than not, tenants who are willing to leave their furniture behind or return to the residence and live out the rest of their lease once the sublet is finished are going to have a valid reason like travelling, living with a partner, having a new job, or having taken a work contract in another city/country. However, should the tenants simply be trying to break their lease without probable cause, it could be because there is something wrong with the apartment that they aren’t disclosing. If a tenant’s answer to this question is shady or just doesn’t seem to make much sense, it can be wise to look for a sublet elsewhere, as they might be moving because of loud neighbours, poor janitorial services, bugs, or other issues with find out here now the landlord.

What Comes Included in the Monthly Rental Price?

Another very important question to ask a current tenant when interested in subletting their apartment is what comes included in the monthly rental price. Since paying a fixed amount only to become informed that electricity, internet, my company and hot water wasn’t included in the initial asking price is far from ideal, ensuring that everything is included can be very beneficial.

Does the Apartment Building Provide Heating and Air Conditioning Services?

Anyone who has grown up or lived in California knows just how crucial it can be to live in a residence in Riverside that offers air conditioning and heating services. This is because California is prone to heat waves and drastic temperature drops, and staying cool and warm help someone remain comfortable despite these weather conditions.

Are Pets Allowed?

Should the person interested in subletting the apartment own an animal, informing the sublessor about their pet’s existence is going to be a must. This is because not every single building is going to be okay with their tenants bringing animals into the building.

Is a Deposit Required?

Lastly, soon-to-be tenants can also benefit from asking the landlord whether or not a deposit is going to be required. While most places aren’t going to ask this of subletters, it is wise to know up front before signing the sublease.

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